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Manzali Project 

  • provide educational, medical and spiritual support for the internally displaced people (IDP’S)

  • land purchased for IDP’s to have two Primary and a Secondary School for approx 900 students 

  • education in a Christian environment especially for orphaned or one parent children who otherwise would not be able to attend school

  • land purchased for IDP’s to have gardens for food and sustainability

  • Medical dispensary and maternity facility for those with limited resources



Ituri Pygmy Project

  • provides for the physical, spiritual and educational needs of displaced and marginalised Pygmies

  • land purchased for resettlement and cultivation of crops for ongoing sustainability

  • three schools

    • one school registered with government and receiving basic financial help

    • two schools on either side of the river registered as private Christian schools without government funding but allowing for appointment of Christian teachers. 

  • Medical Facility with a resident nurse to meet needs of the pygmies

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